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01.Aug.2012 by Greg Bohannan

courtesy FLW Outdoors

Good sunglasses are valuable fishing tools. In low light they can help you spot obstacles under the water and at the surface when you’re running down the lake; and in bright sunlight they can help you see cover or fish. The Typhoon Mariner is my choice because it fits my face better and doesn’t let in much ambient light. I have pairs with three different lens colors for different light conditions. At first light, I wear the sunset brown, which really brings out contrasts. Later in the morning, I’ll switch to horizon grey, which is a good all-around choice for most light conditions. When it gets up in the day and the sun is really bright overhead, I’ll go to the mirrored meridian green lenses. They cut through the reflection on the surface and help me see deeper into the water. I keep glasses with those three lenses in my boat and they cover any light situation. Another thing that I think is important is to use the soft cloth packaged with sunglasses to clean them off. Lenses will last a lot longer without getting scratched up if you do that instead of trying to wipe them off on your shirt or a rag.

---- Kellogg’s Pop Tarts pro Greg Bohannan, Rogers, Ark.


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