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Excerpt Courtesy Bassfan

Greg Bohannan had the best Tour event of his career this week and he went out with a 23-07 bag that gave moved him up three spots to 2nd with 82-08. James Watson held onto 3rd behind a 20-15 sack that pushed his total to 81-01.

Bohannan knew Hite would have to seriously stumble today for the door to open wide enough for him to have a shot at the win, but he was perfectly satisfied collecting the runner-up check. After opening the event in 2nd after a 27-pound day 1, he nicely bookended the week with a 23-07 effort today.

"It was like a dream week for me," he said "I was afraid my alarm clock was going to go off and I'd wake up. It was just incredible. I was really blessed that I found that area and it kept replenishing every day."

The morning swimbait bite wasn't as hot as it had been so he switched to flipping reed heads and immediately started gaining momentum with two solid keepers.

"It was cooler this morning and they were actually perfect conditions with the overcast skies and a little bit of wind, but they didn't the (Gambler) Big EZ this morning," he said. "Those shallow fish just don't seem to want to come to the top after a cool night."

Once the sun burned through and the water began warming up, he picked the swimbait up again and stuck three 5-pounders in a 10-minute span.

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