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A familiar snack food brand will return to the bass fishing world in 2018.

Pringles has announced a partnership with Arkansas pro and veteran FLW Tour angler Greg Bohannan for the upcoming season. Bohannan and Pringles will conduct meet and greet events throughout the season (30 such events are planned so far) and the brand will be featured on his boat and truck.

Pringles and parent company Kellogg’s have had sponsorship ties to FLW over the years through FLW’s partnership with Walmart and Bohannan fished out of a Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts boat under that deal.

Bohannan couldn’t be happier to bring the non-endemic brand back into the bass fishing fold.

“I’m extremely thrilled to get to work for the Kellogg’s bunch again,” he said. “I’m working for some of same people again, so they know what they’re getting out of me and I know what to expect from them so it makes for an easy transition.

“They said they had some opportunities and some new marketing plans with Pringles and thought it would be a good fit.”